# Member Model Mods Dyno Mapper BHP
01 Iain Milford Blobeye wrx 2.35 stroker, gt35r, syvecs ecu +meth RCM Paul Blamire 677
02 David Dezille Type R 2.35 stroker, GT35R Turbo, Syvecs ecu, 1300cc injectors PVE Stephen Dowell 563
03 Phil Howard Blobeye STI 2.1 stroker, precision turbo, 1000 Injectors,alcatek ecu, fmic Enginetuner Martyn Jeffery 462
04 Sian Spencer Blobeye STI Standard engine, TD0516g turbo, Enginetuner Martyn Jeffery 387
05 Mark Gill TypeR Self built 2.1 stroker, SC40 turbo Powerstation Bob Rawle 374
06 China Bob Bugeye WRX Wagon STI Engine,VF35, Induction, FMIC Enginetuner Martyn Jeffery 354
07 Adam Pitman Blobeye STI Standard engine, FMIC Enginetuner Martyn Jeffery 342
08 Geoff Chalk Hawkeye WRX Standard engine, induction, RCM fuel pump Enginetuner Martyn Jeffery 340
09 Andy Flavell Spec C STI Stock engine Surrey Rolling Road Andy Carr 333
10 Chris Linscott Blobeye WRX td05 16g, 565 injectors, fuel pump and a 2.5″ decat exhaust Enginetuner Martyn Jeffery 327
11 Simon Vickers Craddock Blob WRX Standard engine, Rcm headers, Sports cat Enginetuner Martyn Jeffery 311
12 Graham “The godfather” King Hawkeye WRX Forged 2.5 engine, 3″ turbo back HKS Silent Hi-Power Exhaust Enginetuner Martyn Jeffery 292

All cars must be provided with proof of power, along with a basic list of mods. We ask that you have attened atleast Three show’s or meet’s with SOMERSETSCOOBYS each year & The car must currently be owned by yourself. To be entered onto the powerboard post up your graph on our Facebook page.

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